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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Polly Garnett: Liberate Women and you Liberate the World

 With Her in Our Land

Next up on the blog in the series of posts on Documentary Photography students work from Cardiff (formerly Newport) is Polly Garnett's With Her in Our Land. This is a complex, ongoing examination look at the history of feminism, the symbolism of feminism, and how it connects to the land and the anti-fracking movement. There's performance, ice-casting (of arm gestures from feminism's past) and projection!

 You can see this and other documentary work in London opening 16th June at Seen Fifteen Gallery, Peckham. We'd love to see you there so come and say hello!

And if you do have any spare cash and want to be a patron of some truly great photographers, go to the Kickstarter Page here. We need a little money!

This is what Polly says about the project.

Both women and nature have come to be devalued and dominated in Western Culture so as  result there is an idealisation of a time in prehistory where women and nature were united in a mythical female-nature form. 

The idea is that if you liberate women then you liberature nature and humanity will live as one with the world.

This project looks at climate change from a feminist perspective through cultural eco-feminism. In particular the anti-fracking movement at Preston New Road. I organised a protest and an event in collaboration with Gillian (one of the main organisers) where we had a water ritual and then a walk up to the protest site.

Through the whole time I’ve been looking at female utopias and the fictional idea of this such as Charlotte Perkins-Gilman’s Herland. I also worked with Melanie Wilson who created an piece called Opera for the Unknown Woman. In this opera she looked at the idea of women from all over the world coming together to save a woman in the future – the last woman on earth. 

This used gestures from the history of feminist movements and these gestures were replicated both in the performances I made as well as being cast in ice to show a very visual and tactile reference to climate change and global warming. 

Contact Polly at: garnett.pcpmg@gmail.com

Follow Documentary Photography's 3rd Years at Two Eyes Serve a Movement on Instagram here

And see their work on show opening 16th June at Seen Fifteen Gallery, Peckham. We'd love to see you there so come and say hello!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely work. Saw some old footage from Greenham Common the other day, the 'shack' shot reminds me of that. The colour spaces (cannot see what they are, an added appeal) are beautiful. Good job well done.