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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The Blog Goes to Sleep. Have a Lovely Summer!

Best Drawing

It's coming to the end of the blogging year and my summer break beckons. So it's time to do another best of.

I started drawing photographs this year. Eleanor Macnair, the brilliant Queen of Playdoh, keeps on telling me how great they are.  But I'm not so sure.

I think the one above (based on an original by Kohei Yoshiyuki) is best however. There is real quality in that one.

Anyway, you can see more here if you scroll down a bit.

Best Scarecrow 

This is from my Instagram series on my allotment. This scarecrow appeared near the beginning of the election in the allotment next to ours. Over the period of the election, it disintegrated. And then...

Best Face Fallen off a scarecrow.

...by the end of the election the face had fallen off the scarecrow. That's when I knew it wouldn't end well for May.

Most views 

The most views on the blog this year were received by this post which is really about the evolution of taste in  photography and the way functionality of photography coincides with genre. And of course it touches on the World Press Photo and the buying of newspapers - which is something completely different to photobooks, art photography, conceptual photography or other niche areas.

Best Show

Richard Mosse's Incoming by a mile. Some love it, some hate it, some pretend to hate it. I love it and so did thousands of others. It also had one of the most diverse audiences I've seen at a gallery for a long time. It blew me away.

You want affective distance. Try VR.

Documentary Photography student with most views

I did a series of posts on Documentary Photography Students work, and Zsofi Bohm had the most views with her brilliant Uranium City.

Best Book and Saddest Loss

I haven't reviewed as many books as I would have liked to because I am focussing on my own work and book. I haven't seen as many books as I would have liked to. Seems to be the year of the reprint though.

So I don't know if Lorenzo Tricoli's Pinnochio is necessarily the best book. But it's one of the best and Lorenzo is sorely, sorely missed.

Best talk 

Ah go on. Let's have two talks, both organised by ICVL. The first was Gemma-Rose Turnbull and Pete Brook in Photography as a Social Practice at the Arnolfini. Simply wonderful with the social, the ethical and the enervating in equal measure. It was so great to hear how story telling and the politics of representation could combine in the most engaging and personable manner.

The second was Juno Calypso (there's one of my drawings of one of her photographs above. That's how narcissism works!). I don't know if I'm completely convinced by what she says but she says it brilliantly and the pictures are 1950s fabulous. And it was fun and entertaining. I took a bunch of complete beginner media students (as in don't know what an aperture is or who Robert Frank is) to one of her talks at UWE and they were blown over by her. That's the sign of a great speaker!

Best TV documentary

OJ: Made in America. No gimmicks, no tricks, no bad soundtracks or reconstructions. The story tells its own story, or that's how it's made to seem.

Best stupid post

Don't be a moron in other words. But it gave me an excuse to make a stupid collage. And I do like a stupid collage.

Best broken camera picture

My budget has meant I have always bought slightly misused not-quite-right second hand cameras. And sometimes they make misused, not-quite-right pictures which I would curse and bellow at. This year I realised there's something completely right about my not-quite-right pictures.

You can see more if you scroll down a bit here.

Best Editor

Thank you Alejandro Acin who I have been working with to produce my book on fatherhood, family and nature - All Quiet on the Home Front. I will be back in September with details of the pre-sales of the book, which we are working on right now and hope, in an ideal world, to launch at Paris Photo. It's all looking very exciting.

Have a lovely summer!

Picture Below from All Quiet on the Home Front

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