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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Gazebook Sicily

Go for a swim, get a tan, have a nap, get a smile, eat arancini, start smoking again, become Italian! It must be Gazebook Sicily. 

I'll be on the symposium panel this Friday night with Natasha Christia, Marco Paltrinieri and Matthieu Asselin talking about Photography, Politics and Change. I'll be talking about the All Quiet on the Home Front the book (for the first time ever), and the politics of making photography personal. And then we'll try to decide if photography can influence politics and change. Not really with some reservations, it can't. That's the answer! And I'm not shifting. Unless someone shifts me for me.

And then on Saturday, I'll be in conversation with the brilliant Alejandro Acin, officially launching the pre-launch (?? Yes I know!) of All Quiet on the Home Front. And we'll have the almost final dummy there on public show for the first time. Alex finished it yesterday and it looks great!

The rest of the weekend is fantastic with Jason Fulford, Alex Bocchetto, Valentina Abenavoli, Issa Touma, Salvatore Vitale, Federica Chiocchetti and many more speaking and launching books and giving free portfolio reviews at the event. Not only is Gazebook the most beachy photobook festival ever, it is also the most accessible!

Pre-order All Quiet on the Home Front here. 

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