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Friday, 29 September 2017

'In anticipation of an inevitable parting'

The last edit of All Quiet on the Home Front has been done and it's looking really good! Next stop is the printers at the end of October so I'm an excited nervous wreck at the moment. Who says you need eight hours sleep a week!

We've also been making a mockup of our Linocut for the Subscriber's Edition box. Which is going to look something like this.

The discounted Subscriber's Editions will come to an end around the 20th October so if you want one now at £100 (a 28%0% discount on the regular price of £140) get your order in.

And you can read Lucy Davies' interview with me on the BJP website here. 

All Quiet on the Home Front, to be published in November by ICVL Studio, collates dozens of images taken between 2005 and 2017. It is a beautiful, still essay in pictures and words, sequenced so that our impressions of Isabel shift from one page to another, splintering before our eyes. One minute we think we have her – energetic, intense – and then she is gone, half hidden or running away.

It’s erratic and intriguing – not that different from the frustrations that come with trying to understand another human being, whether child or adult. There’s a sense, too, that Pantall is hoarding every moment in anticipation of an inevitable parting.

“Nothing that can prepare you for the shock of becoming a parent; you kind of lose yourself,” he says. “It drives you insane. But then you gain a new identity, only for that  to die too, when you realise they have their own lives to lead. Then you have to have another rebirth. I don’t think it’s always that comfortable. Sometimes you wish things were different. You wish your children away at times. You always wish them back.”

 Pre-order the Subscriber's Edition of All Quiet on the Home Front Here for £100 (price after 20th October is £140).

Buy the Regular Edition of All Quiet on the Home Front Here for £33 (regular price after 9th November is £40).

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