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All Quiet on the Home Front is almost sold out. You can buy the last copies here. It is also available now at the wonderful  Tipi Book...

Monday, 23 October 2017

Book Launch on Saturday 11th November

We'll be launching All Quiet on the Home Front at the Tipi bookstand at 6pm on Saturday 11th November during Paris Photo. So come along and have a chat and buy a book. You'll also be able to buy one of Isabel's linoprints there.

And Polycopies is a great place to be. I love Paris Photo, but you do get an altogether better class of people on the Polycopies boat.

We're in the final, final preparations before printing. This is the linoprint Isabel made for the box that you get with the Subscriber's Edition.

You can  buy your copy here.

And for the regular edition,  buy your copy here

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