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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Positive Film: Looks great on a lightbox

I'm putting up pictures of my All Quiet on the Home Front on my Instagram Account as part of the relentless, unforgiving promotion of the book - showing the editing process from having the pictures on the lightbox, to scanning, to dummy making to printing.

All Quiet was all shot on slide film (all on Provia 100). It's much more difficult in some ways because if you get the exposure wrong, you really get it wrong.

I like to pretend I am one of those people who always gets the exposure right - without using a light meter, but evidence proves otherwise.

One reason for shooting on slide is it makes for better reproduction and amazing prints.

Another reason you can buy a second hand camera medium format camera and even though it will break (which can have its own advantages) eventually, it is much cheaper than an equivalent quality digital camera. I seriously don't care about film versus digital. I simply have never been able to afford even medium end digital and all the associated acoutrements.

The final reason is really simple. They look great on a lightbox and they are really easy to look at. Which is a bit too simple and a bit too indexical. But it is a real reason I and lots of other people photograph on slide. There is no pleasure like flipping over a sheet full of film strips ready to view.


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