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Thursday, 9 November 2017

All Quiet on the Home Front: On the Way to Paris!

All Quiet on the Home Front arrived at the offices of ICVL on Tuesday so it's been a busy time of unpacking, signing and packing in preparation for the launch in Paris on Saturday (at 6pm on the Polycopies boat.

Alex and I are delighted with the book. It looks and feels and smells great, the culmination of a long, long process, and the beginning of another. All Quiet is the first part in a quartet of works that look at domestic life and the family space from  domestic (12 Grosvenor Place) , physcial (Sofa Portraits), environmental (All Quiet on the Home Front)l and historical (My German Family Album) points of view.

All Quiet on the Home Front is the environmental point of view. It's also my point of view, the story of how I became a father, how I developed my relationship with Isabel through the landscape. I've been telling the story of the ideas behind the book both on the BJP instagram account (@bjp1854) and on this blog.

So you can read about paternal ambivalencethe gendering of the landscape and representation of girls in the landscape, space, place and landscape, fatherhood, narrative, domestic spaces, and more besides.

We are driving down to Paris tomorrow and will be launching the book at the Tipi stand on the Polycopies boat at 6pm on Saturday 11th November. I'll sign your book for you and draw a picture too if you like!  I'm really looking forward to saying hello to people and getting the book out into the big, wide world at last.

If you're not going to Paris, you can buy a copy here. There are still a few special editions left, which come complete with the handmade, lino-printed boxes and a limited edition print. They are gorgeous.

See you in Paris!

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