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Friday, 1 December 2017

Best Blog Post Title in the Last Ten Years

All of a sudden Theresa May, Sajid Javid and all the rest of the government are up in arms because Donald Trump is supporting a low-rent gang of racist thugs in the UK. 

Which is fine. But if they only complain now, does that mean they tolerate him when he supports low-rent gangs of racist thugs in his own country. 

What kind of thinking is that. It's only bigotry, prejudice and racism if it's in your own country, you can mock the afflicted, stamp on the faces of the poor, and justify neo-nazi murders just as you do it in your own back yard. 

Fuck me, what a pitiful bunch of backbone-free leaders we have. 

Anyway, that brings me on to the best blog post title in the last ten years.

It probably isn't the best title, but it has a ring to it. And it's kind of catchy huh. And some of my best friends are complete twats. So there you have it.

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