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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

How to Mount a Picture in the Sea with Rocks and Seaweed

The pictures above are from Francesca Seravalle's brilliant Until Proven Otherwise, the First Photos.

They show the first photoshopped image, the first photobook and the first picture of the sun.

These images were found from various archives, both virtual and real, but the real step is their on-site exhibition.

If you've ever tried mounting a picture on a beach using rocks and seaweed, (because where else are you going to put the first colour picture of a fish taken underwater - in 1926) you'll know it's not an easy thing to do.

Francesca Seravalle will be talking about all this and much more on Saturday 5th May at the Arnolfini in Bristol in this brilliant symposium on the archive with speakers including  Maja Daniels, Charbel Saad, Thomas Sauvin, Kensuke Koike, and Amak Mahmoodian.

It's a serious bargain at £25 for the day and takes place in the wonderful waterfront location of the Arnolfini, with fantastic food, drink and cake all available within a few minutes walk.

Buy your tickets for ICVL's Activating the Archive here.

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Robert Smith said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful images with us