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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Born by Christina Riley

These images are from Born from Christina Riley who has been featured on this blog for her raw book Back to me..

Christina new book is a sharp look back at her own motherhood, the loss of self that accompanies it, the messiness of it, the love of it, the totality of it,  and she has started a Kickstarter to fund it. It's a book that is part of the wave of books looking at domesticity and parenthood and it's the only crowdfunding post I'll have on this blog for the rest of the year which isn't my own. 

This is what Christina says about it.

"I watch this girl. She is somebody, she is mine. She is light, my darkness creeps in. My memories powerful, pulling me. Longing and guilt, love and devotion. The weight constant. The girl, beautiful and new. Fresh eyes, hers and mine. Everything becoming clear. We find our way."

'For years I have been photographing myself in my life, through many ups and downs and normal periods as a means to better understand and see reality. When I became pregnant I continued to do so. My daughter was born in 2013 and quickly I was swept into an isolated unknown world. The loss of self was overwhelming. The photographs in this book were taken throughout the first year of that journey.'

Back Born here.

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Peter Gale Nonsuch said...

These are really lovely photos. Love your blog!