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Monday, 21 May 2018

Nikolas Muray, Frida Kahlo, Madonna and Carmen Winant.

Among the many other desirable objects at Photo London were the Nikolas Muray prints of Frida Kahlo which were just dripping with gorgeous colour. 

Frida Kahlo gets a namecheck in Carmen Winant's excellent My Birth, a book which is about making the invisible more visible. It's a great book, a real 'why didn't you think of that' book. 

Winant mentions the painting above, also called My Birth, a painting now owned by Madonna. "If somebody doesn't like this painting", Madonna said in an interview with Vanity Fair, "then I know they can't be my friend".

Madonna doesn't happily lend the painting out. It doesn't get seen, so people don't have the opportunity to like it. The painting is made invisible, and so is childbirth. 

But never mind that. Have a look at  Carmen Winant's book instead. 

Carmen Winant

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