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Friday, 18 May 2018

Where can you buy gallerist glasses

These are some of my favourite things at Photo London for no other reason than they seemed to have substance and soul. Not everything did!

Above is John Francis Brown at England and Co. No, I'd never heard of him either but he had these great little vintage dipytchs from the 1970s on a stand that was filled with a particular kind of goodness.

This is from Nikolai Ishchuk at Joanna Bryant & Julian Page, an old photographic paper object that is sculptural in keeping with the moment. It goes from solid, to ephemeral to monumental, the material shifting in weight the more you look. It's Alison Rossiter but on a bigger scale with a very different take.

And last but not least the beautifully printed and hand-painted prints of Vasantha Yogananthan at Espace JB. There was nothing that told more of a story than these in all of the place.

Now then, how to look like a gallerist. Gallerist glasses. What would I look like in a pair of those? Where do you get them? They don't have them at Specsavers. And the lizard skin? I'll need twelve yards of that. Dead eyes and a psychopath rictus-grin are a must. My head needs enlarging a little, and the suit. A gallerist suit? There must be a shop for them. Perhaps it's the same place you get the glasses...

That's probably not fair. But neither's life. So it goes.

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