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Monday, 18 June 2018

Awating Moderation

These are comments on the blog 'awaiting moderation'. They're either spam, deranged, contentious in some way, too much to deal with at a particular time, anonymous and hypocritical, private, or abusive. One or two might be a repeated comment.

They're reproduced with images from the blog posts that they commented on.

Lol. Boys looking so funny in girl's skirts.

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Great idea. If you cannot be independently wealthy like HCB, you should not be in the arts. With money comes talent. Besides, looking at the lower and middle class in photographs hanging in galleries is a great expression of empathy from the rich. And unhygienic toilets and slums are really authentic, which makes up for the fact poverty stinks. Sarcasm aside, if we leave the cultural discourse of the arts to only those that can afford to subsidize their own art, we are going to end up with a society like the one we have now. Brexit and Trump are a direct result of this inequality--when the disadvantaged have their economic security eroded, the only power that remains is to say no, to break the machine. It is great to say we should just ignore economics and make art from higher motivations. But that is just those with the economic means to pursue art putting up barriers to those that cannot. This is an old story. But then the rich and powerful have always been able to drive the...

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1. So, a new festival season is upon us. What has changed? - Does the Emaho website still exist? Yes. - Has content been removed from photographers who don't want to be associated with the brand? Doesn't look like it. They may have requested, but we don't know. - Have any of the festivals that supported Emaho and Manik made statements or put in place guidelines for this year? Not that I've seen. - Which festival curators who invited Manik to judge and review have spoken out saying they made and error? None, so far as I've seen. - Has an legal action be taken by any of the parties, including Manik? Unclear. None of the new publications have followed up on this. It is easy to think that this year the same is going to happen. Maybe not Manik, maybe not in India, but that the whole hoopla from 2015 about him will have little impact. So what has changed? This situation is not good enough. Photographers at the bottom of the food chain a cannot do much to move forward on this.

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1. Naming him would be much more useful. 

2. Hi, actually, just realised you may see my last comment before it's visible to the public on your blog - I'd appreciate it if you didn't publish it. Sorry. Still too nervous about repercussions, just wanted to vent and this seemed like an appropriate place. Thanks, 'another anonymous woman photographer'

3. Sex has been governing the world since its creation. Stop dreaming and name harassers so that people can protect themselves. What you are doing is useless and self congratulatory. When there are accusations, there needs to be proof and naming. That is if you have decided to become some kind of moral figure in this scene. Were you just born in the world Colin? WOW photography has sex offenders. You mean that thousands of mediocre artists with personality disorders do abuse themselves psychologically and sometimes sexually? Thank you man, this is really something I could never have imagined provided it happens in all parts of society. Either you say you are talking about Manik and other self made losers, either stick to writing pieces about photography (from Anonymous).

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