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Monday, 23 December 2019

Goodbye 2019. We will look back on you as a great year.

Another year comes to an end and another year begins. The picture above shows how the year began, and that is basically how the year continued. And my brilliant Oracle Vision tells me that  is just a taster for what is to come. We will look back on 2019 as a great year and yearn for the stability and sense of completion that it brought. The shit is just put into the bucket, and the fan hasn't been turned on yet.

Enough of the politics, I'll come back to those later next year when we'll all be closer to the brink, on the brink or over the brink. So, in photography and writing, thank you to everyone I have worked with this year at Photomonitor, Source Magazine, Vogue Italia,  World Press Photo, Magnum Photos, PH Museum of Humanity, the BJP.

Perhaps my favourite things I've written of the year are this intro for Vincen Beeckman's beautiful and simple Claude and Lilly. And this article for my World Press Photo Witness series; it sums up the generic commonplaces of photography, writing about photography, photographic education, and everything else.

Thanks also to Andy for helping me to get to Romania and see how beautiful, weird and wonderful (and dysfunctional too in places) it is. It was a revelation to me. And sorry, but the scene from the supposed birthplace in Sigisoara is a sight to behold.

And thank you also to everybody at SEAD, the Mekong Cultural Hub and the British Council for the start of a really wonderful fellowship where the process is what matters. How rare is that. It was and is absolutely wonderful, challenging and mind expanding in equal measure.

Finally, thank you to everybody who came to my Writing and Photography workshops. It's been so great to share ideas with writers, curators, photographers, journalists and teachers - I've been truly bowled over by the range of people who've come and the energy and enthusiasm and original talent that is out there in the world, and the diversity of voices with which they tell stories.

The next workshops are scheduled for March and April 2020 in Bah, and you can learn more and see some feedback here. 

Have a great Christmas, Holiday, New Year wherever you are. I will be back in January, smaller and better.

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