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Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Online History of Photography Course beginning September 9th

     From my German Family Album

I am running a series of online lectures beginning on September 9th linking the historical, the contemporary and the theoretical in photography. They will run with the Royal Photographic Society, with Dr Michael Pritchard.

If you have never studied photography (or if you have and you want to refresh your memory), this series will help develop historical, critical and global ideas about what photography is and what photography can be. 

It will be very accessible and will hook you into further readings, ideas, and questions.

More details and booking here.

I will be talking about some of these images in the first lecture on portraiture and who we are or can be in the photographic image. 

Official portrait of Mao retouched by Chen Shilin. I love the idea that 2.2 billion portraits of Mao were printed during his reign, that this image might be the most printed image ever made. Chen Shilin, the retoucher, talks about the retouching process here . In Zooming In, Histories of Photography in China, Shilin has the idea that the '...the existence of a physical negative already guarantees the image's realness; the editing of the image makes it even more real.'

     Behrouz Boochani on Manus Island, from Remain by Hoda Afshar

Which is interesting!  And connects to far more in photography than we might think - including the very moving portrait of Behrouz Boochani by Hoda Afshar, though in an oppositional kind of way. I'll be talking about that in the first lecture.

    The six basic emotions according to Paul Ekmann.

    Recovering the archive by Andres Orjuela

      Self -portrait as my father

       By Silvia Rosi. Originally commissioned through Jerwood/Photoworks awards   2020

Tourism and landscape will also feature as will propaganda, documentary, post-colonial histories and much more besides. It will be engaging, interesting and raise questions rather than provide answers. 

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