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Friday, 26 February 2021

Anthony Luvera: Collaboration and who, what, where to photograph

 Collaboration and Queerness – Anthony Luvera / 31 March

Collaborative Portrait of Fox Fisher from Not Going Shopping (2013-2014) by Anthony Luvera

The fifth speaker in the RPS series (go here for more information and to sign up) is Anthony Luvera. 

Anthony Luvera works with collaboration, he deals very directly with the ethics of representation, with how to tell a story, with the process of making an image. 

        She / Her / Hers / Herself (2017 - ongoing) by Anthony Luvera 

It's absolutely vital work, essential to photographic practice because it can help us understand not just how work is made, and the purpose it serves, but because it can help us understand how work has been made and the purpose it serves. 

I think one thing that really stands out for me (in my view and my words) about Anthony is the gentle, but very considered approach he takes to making work. It's not about the spectacle, it's not about the grand gestures, but is about something that is embedded in the work itself. 

There is  a shift from the often epic nature and rhetoric of photography (which I really like at times, I must confess) to something altogether more gentle. Ethics are absolutely central to the work, but there is a quietness to Anthony's ethical approach that makes it both self-contained and all the stronger because of it.

And that is evident in the collaborative work that Anthony has made both with homeless people (which he is well known for) but also with queerness in a variety of settings. It's not so much how  photography can be used to deal with ideas of gender and sexuality, but more how people who are living in a world that has difficulty addressing ideas of gender and sexuality use images to make their lives, and those of others, a more thoughtful and ultimately better place.  

It's a very loving process and a small but important shift. 

                        She / Her / Hers / Herself (2017 - ongoing) by Anthony Luvera

This is the brief for Anthony's talk.

Anthony Luvera has worked with collaboration for almost 20 years, exploring different ways in which the dynamics of agency, power, representation, and ethics overlap in a socially engaged practice. In this talk, Anthony will share some of the strategies he employs using photographs, text, pedagogy, digital spaces, and oral history recordings. Focusing on his work with queer communities across the United Kingdom, he will examine the limits of collaboration, questions of agency, representational responsibility, and the tension between process and outcomes in collaborative practice. 

 Go here for more information and to sign up. The talks start on March 3rd and here is the full line up. 

    Collaborative Self-Portrait of Raymond Dunn from Let Us Eat Cake (2017) by Anthony Luvera

1. Wednesday 3rd March – Exhibiting Photography – Hannah Watson

2. Wednesday 10th March – Curating Photography - Susan Bright

3. Wednesday 17th March – Cultural, political and personal identity in Mexican and Latin American photography - Ana Casas Broda

4. Wednesday 24th March – Flora, Photography, Illustration - Gem Toes Crichton

5. Wednesday 31st March – Collaboration and Queerness - Anthony Luvera

6. Wednesday 7th April – The personal, the historical, the political: Disecting In the Shadow of the Pyramids  Laura El Tantawy

7. Wednesday 14th April – Africa in the Photobook - Ben Krewinkel

8. Wednesday 21st April – Establishing a Photo Festival - Nayantara Gurung Kakshapati 

(Note that the wonderful Laura El Tantawy will now be speaking on 7th April)

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