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Wednesday, 10 February 2021

My new online course at Spazio Labo


I am really looking forward to starting a new online course at Spazio Labo. It's one where the photography practice of photography is combined with the visual and the theoretical to give an overview of how images are made, shown, and understood. 

It will be visual, accessible, and engaging. It starts on March 18th and you can get more details and sign up here

Over a period of eight weeks, this course will look at the different ideas, influences, and practices that have been used to tell visual stories in some of the major photographic movements and genres of photography.

Using both contemporary and historical examples, the course will take an engaging look at how stories are told through photography in print, in the gallery, in photobooks. The course will look at the ideas behind images and how artistic, cultural, and political influences have helped shape how those images can be understood.

Each session will include a lecture on a key genre of photography, as well as introductory readings and references to the ideas underlying that photography. There will be short sessions where students can put up images for peer and tutor review.

By the end of the course, students will have an understanding of how and why images are made, shown, and understood, how they fit within broader social and cultural movements, and how these ideas can be used to tell stories with their own images.

Go here for more details...

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