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Friday, 15 October 2021

Contemporary Narratives - Photography: A Short Guide to History, Theory, and Practice: Online Course Starting February 2022


Are you looking to develop your own practice? Do you want to understand what photography is or can be? This 8-week course will introduce you to the contemporary practice of photography through examples that link the historical, the contemporary, and the theoretical in a way that is dynamic, visual, and accessible to everybody.

Touching on major photographic genres such as landscape photography, portraiture, and conflict, it will look at some of the key photographers and ideas that have shaped how we see the world today and will also present a global, pluralist outlook on both the wonderful expressive and artistic qualities of the photographic image, as well as its darker side.

The lecture series is the first of two standalone eight-week courses. The first will look at the origins of key photographic genres, where they came from, how they affect the images we make and see today, and how those genres are influenced by different global theories and practices.

The second will look at how social and cultural change in the post-war era influenced photographic practice around the world.

This series of lectures is ideal for anybody who wants to learn how images are made and understood. It will enrich your understanding of the multiple ways in which images can be read, and will also add layers to how you make images and how you communicate those images to a broader audience. If you have never studied photography, these lectures will give you a fast track introduction to the history of photography and its theory. And if you have studied photography, it will refresh old  ideas and present new possibilities that will refresh your understanding of what photography is and what it can be.

Cost is £160 for each series of 8 weeks 

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Order Birds of a Feather now

It has been a delight to be involved in the Birds of a Feather publication. BIRDS OF A FEATHER is a publication that gives an insight into the organisation and functioning of OpStap, a group-based program for people with drug addictions and people in recovery. The focus lays on the guests of OpStap, who are given a meaningful use of time and meaning through meetings, activities and voluntary work.

And the book is a consideration of the people who come to Opstap, their lives, their thoughts, their creativity, their humanity. It's a book that has evolved through a collaboration between the organisation and people of OpStap, photographer Vincen Beeckman, , designer Lien Van Leemput, publisher Art Paper Editions (APE) & the city of Ghent - and myself a little bit.

I worked at a distance but loved the evolving process, the thoughts, and the insights. 

"The past is like a shelf in a library. There are parts of me that are on that shelf that I will never go to or reopen. But they are there and I know they are there." Lisette

BIRDS OF A FEATHER contains stories that are worth being told, faces that should not be forgotten, is a book that deserves to be printed.

But not without your help! We are setting up a crowdfunding campaign to support this project. More info is here?

And I also love the ongoing editing process, and seeing how people viewed (and edited pictures).

What do you think about the pictures?

- I do like them, but I also know the people who are in the pictures, and sometimes it us confronting to see them in the pictures. Because we see the people as we know them, but if you see some pictures, you see the people with they eyes of someone who does not know them. It sounds strange maybe, but you know what I mean?

Yes, I understand. But it is probably the same for the places, no?

- Yes the places too. …  And some are really nice pictures as well. You know, a person who might have a more macho appearance looks really innocent in the picture. And that’s really nice. … Yes, I like them.

What do you think of the pictures and the project?

- It’s funny to see the things you see, every day, in another way.

You mean that you are used to see things in a certain way, and then you discover it can change?

- Yes, yes.

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