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Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Putin, Platon, and Crazy Walls

I watched the film Navalny the other day. It details Navalny and Bellingcat's attempts to trace the people who poisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny on a flight in Russia. 

One thing I love about it is it has a real life Crazy Wall (or Evidence Board etc if you prefer) on it. And on that wall, at the head of the board, you have a picture of Putin as the suspect-in-chief. But it's not just any portrait, but the portrait made by Platon. It's a great portrait - Putin at his most reptilian. It's a well-curated Crazy Wall then.

It's the first time I've seen that. 

Below is the extended wall. 

But anyway, the Crazy Wall, it seems is a bit of a cinematic exaggeration. Detectives who have served on hundreds of murder cases swear to God that they have never used a Crazy Wall - there's no room for a start. And then there's the chance the suspect will get to see the board - which is referenced in Dr Strangelove...

So all those boards you see in Se7en, The Killing, A Beautiful Mind etc etc might be at least a bit of a fiction. You get the idea Navalny was doing it for the visual effects as well, as a family album of FSB stupidity. 

Top of the stupidity list goes Alexander Bortnikov - pictured below. 

Navalny called him Moscow4.

Why Moscow Four? 

Well, he's the top Security Agent in Russia, Director of the FSB. His computer password was Moscow1.

He got hacked. He changed the password to Moscow2. 

He got hacked again. He changed the password to Moscow3. 

He got hacked again. You get the picture.

And I haven't even mentioned Navalny pranking the FSB agent who poisoned him. 

"What colour were the underpants?" 

He was second on the stupidity list. You can die from stupidity. 

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